Recent Mural Work

Thought I’d dedicate a post to showcase a couple of the recent murals I’ve done.

The first is a pretty sizable piece I did back in July in conjunction with Daytona’s local Art In The Alleyway organization ( If you’re in the Daytona Beach area, go check it out in the alleyway next to McK’s Tavern. The event itself was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and there’s another awesome piece at the other end of the alley by another great artist.

mural3 mural mural1

The second was a little smaller and wasn’t so much of an event, but my friends over at Frame of Mind framing shop and gallery ( asked me to paint their logo on their storefront. Here’s a look at the finished product. Since I finished it last month, some of the weeds from the flowerbeds by the wall have started growing up around it, so once they get really tall, it’ll have an awesome framing effect on the logo.


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