Holiday Commission Work

Finally done with the monstrosity that was 2016, I haven’t posted in a while since I spent the better part of the end of the year scrambling to finish commissions. Very hard to find time for my personal art with all the jobs, but I’m proud of all the work I accomplished in the two months leading up to the holidays, and glad to have a few new fans and satisfied customers as a result. Here are just a few examples of the paintings (and one custom guitar paint job) I sold. A lot of pets, but portraits of family […]

Business Cards and the Granada Grand Festival of the Arts!

As well as finally getting my site up to date, I’ve also finally gotten around to making some business cards. I ordered them from https://www.moo.com/us/ and couldn’t be happier with the results. Totally customizable, and very reasonably priced for the quality you get. I’ll have a booth tomorrow, Saturday September 17, at the Granada Grand Festival of the Arts by the public library here in Ormond Beach, FL, so come see my work in person and pick up a card! The event goes on from 10AM-5PM and I’ll just be one of a great many local artists and vendors.

Recent Mural Work

Thought I’d dedicate a post to showcase a couple of the recent murals I’ve done. The first is a pretty sizable piece I did back in July in conjunction with Daytona’s local Art In The Alleyway organization (https://www.facebook.com/artinthealleydaytona/). If you’re in the Daytona Beach area, go check it out in the alleyway next to McK’s Tavern. The event itself was a lot of work, but a lot of fun, and there’s another awesome piece at the other end of the alley by another great artist. The second was a little smaller and wasn’t so much of an event, but my […]

Site Launch!

So the website is finally up and running at 100%. All of my most recent work has been uploaded and I intend to keep it updated with more art and posts about my recent activity. Welcome to my page! Special thanks go out to my friend, James Hu, without whom this wouldn’t have been possible. I can paint one hell of a picture, but any technology beyond my phone might as well be rocket science. So thanks for visiting and keep checking back for more!